We strive to add meaningful and diverse perspectives when assembling our crew. 


Shalisa is an Indo-American adoptee advocating for acknowledgement and education regarding birth heritage. As an international and transracial adoptee herself, she felt compelled to make this film to express the unique hardships and confusion that stems from international identity development in the United States.

Barry has the skills to bring the portraits of adoptees like Shalisa to the screen. Specializing in character-centric stories with social impact, Barry is a cinematographer, designer, and creative with a heart for sharing the lives of misunderstood, unconventional, and underrepresented people.


She believes in the power of visual media to connect and educate a diverse audience. As coordinator of the Denton Black Film Festival, she uses her video journalism and broadcasting experience to give voice to communities of color and tell their stories of equitability, intersectionality of identity, and self-actualization. Her time as Cambridge Community Television’s production intern and the anchor and producer for the African-American Aggie vlog Black Script has molded her into an expert editor, interviewer, scriptwriter, grip, and producer. A first year MFA student at the University of North Texas, her debut film Songs Remembered evaluates the universal epidemic of Alzheimer’s and dementia.